Tiny Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

medicine cabinet gallery wall

A couple days ago I posted about how I used a medicine cabinet in my bedroom. I hung it along with some artwork to create a little gallery wall above my bedroom dresser and I love how it turned out! I thought I’d share more today about how I put together the gallery wall.

I had two purposes in mind when I created the gallery wall. I knew I wanted to hang the medicine cabinet above my dresser so that I could make use of my top dresser drawers and dresser surface for my morning skin, hair, and makeup routine. I also knew that I wanted to hang a beautiful print that my sister had gifted me, but I hadn’t yet hung. The size of these two pieces were great for hanging above my dresser, but they still needed some extra pieces to fill the space.

I played around with some frames I had on hand to find the perfect collage grouping. I decided to go with all black and white frames to keep the look cohesive.

A word of advice when choosing artwork for a gallery wall – go big! A bunch of tiny pieces of art will make the space feel cluttered. Having 1-3 large, attention-grabbing items will help to pull the look together. (Emily Henderson has some more great tips on building the perfect gallery wall on her blog.)

options for gallery wall arrangement

I began by laying all my frames out on the floor so that I could figure out a grouping that looked best. Once I found that grouping that felt right to me (option 3), I prepped for hanging each item.

First, I used butcher paper to trace each piece. I cut out each tracing and taped it on the wall with painter’s tape. Then, I adjusted the spacing until it looked just right. Way better than hammering a bunch of holes and saying “Oops!” a thousand times.

Then, I measured each piece of artwork from their tops to where each nail needed to be. Once I measured this distance on the backs of the actual pieces, I measured again on the paper outlines hanging on the wall. Then, I marked where the nails needed to be drilled on the paper.

This process took some time, but it was well-worth it. I was able to drill on each X marked on the papers to hang my nails exactly where I wanted them to go. After the nails were in the wall, I simply tore the paper away and hung my artwork in their respective places. Easy!

(Guys, I wish I had taken a photo of my butcher paper tracings… If you are confused, this is what I mean.)

The Woman artwork

wooden cross

oh what a beautiful morning art

Here’s what’s on my wall:

  • Medicine CabinetIkea Grunnen
  • “The Woman” – print by Alice X. Zhang. Unfortunately, I think this particular piece is sold out, but Zhang has other amazing pieces! This particular piece is inspired by one of my favorite shows, Sherlock! My sister knows me well. :) I thought the image and the style would be perfect to hang above my dresser. (Kind of inspirational on those mornings when I’m struggling to pull myself together and wear something dressier than yoga pants and I can’t remember when I last washed my hair…)
  • Abstract pastel art – this is the front of a greeting card that Dave gave me. The color scheme fit, so I popped it in a frame!
  • “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” – By yours truly. Sharpie on a piece of white scrap paper, folks. If you don’t have the art you want, go make it! It’s okay if it’s not perfect. You can always change the art on your walls.
  • Sepia photo – this was taken as part of a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot that Dave and I did when we were newlyweds. Super fun!
  • Courage cross – this was a memento from a mission trip to Czech. I wrote the word “Courage” on it as a reminder to myself to be bold and brave in life.

Here’s one more look at the full gallery. (Sorry to post the same photo twice!) I’m thinking the fan makes the space look a bit crowded on the left side, but that’s life, right now! The sleeping toddler likes white noise! :)

medicine cabinet gallery wall

Do you have a gallery wall in your house? What’s hanging in yours? :)

2 thoughts on “Tiny Master Bedroom Gallery Wall”

  1. I love your gallery walls and the print you made! I’m always so nervous about hanging up stuff that I made on our walls (we have three now) but I’m slowly letting go of my perfectionist ways!

    1. Aw, thanks!! I used to be nervous about trying things and possibly failing… Still often am! It’s very rewarding to let go of perfectionism though! 😉

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