5 Day Reset – Day 5

5 day reset day five

Wooh! It’s Day 5! I’m almost done! I’m feeling great. My friends who did this reset before me told me that by days 4 and 5 they had so much energy and felt amazing. You know when someone tells you that and you kind of secretly think “Reallly??? Are you sure your toddler didn’t just sleep really well the night before??” Well, it’s true. My toddler slept terribly last night (so mama slept terribly as well), but I feel super energized.

Without coffee. Without even having green tea today.

I’ll be honest – on day 2 I wasn’t feeling it (which my friends had warned me was the hardest day). I messaged them and told them I was so hungry. The evening of day 2 all I wanted was wine and chocolate (it was one of those days). Also it didn’t help that my employer left me this:

If this isn't a test of 5 Day Reset willpower, I dunno what is...
If this isn’t a test of 5 Day Reset willpower, I dunno what is…

Here’s today’s rundown:

Day 5

  • Weight – waiting until tomorrow for the final weight. I’m not placing too much weight (ha ha… get it?) on any changes in weight. I’m looking more for inches.
  • Inches – Measuring tomorrow! This reset helps to reduce inflammation in the body and shed fat, while retaining muscle, so results show up more in inches than in immediate pounds lost.
  • Energy – SUPER energized. Seriously, my kid was up all night, we went to story time, had a playdate, and I’ve been working all afternoon. And I still feel great. No afternoon slump.
  • Mood – I feel really positive. There’s been the usual ups and downs of daily life and we’re dealing with some really heavy decisions as a family, but in the midst of it all I feel good.
  • Hunger – As I said, day 2 was rough (and as a result I ended up adding more veggies and nut butters to my daily diet), but I don’t feel that hungry any more. In fact, I’ve been tracking my calorie intake every day and I’m surprised that I’m feeling as full as I am. My body has adjusted.
  • Biggest Challenge – My blender broke. *insert allllll the sad emojis here* And apparently smoothies do not like to be made in food processors. Leaking galore.
  • Favorite part of the reset – The way I feel. And honestly, I feel like my cravings have really changed. I forgot how much I love fresh cut veggies and hummus.

I’ll reveal my final weight and inches tomorrow! :)

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