5 Day Reset – Day 1


Soooo, for my first “tiny adventure” I decided to do a 5 day reset. It’s like a cleanse, really. Raw plant protein, lots of water, lots of fruits and veggies. Part of me is thinking “You’re nuts. No chocolate. No cheese. No COFFEE.” (I mean, really, the no coffee thing was practically a deal-breaker… Like, who are you people who voluntarily give up coffee?? Do you have one year olds? Have you tasted coffee or experienced its liquid warmth on a cold autumn day? No? That’s too bad…) But, I realized that I need to do a reset. It’s not so much that I need to diet or shed any more baby weight, but my cravings have gotten a little out of control. I’ve been feeling a little sluggish and I’m a little too dependent on that java. I want to feel better. And since some of my friends have done this reset and swear by it, I figured why not? The time is right, folks. We’re post-Halloween candy, pre-Thanksgiving feast, and plenty far from sugar cookies and peppermint hot cocoas. Minimal temptations afoot, right?

Since misery loves company (and dislikes making meals that she cannot eat), I decided that my husband should do the 5 day reset with me. He has no idea what he’s in for. He’s such a good sport. Really! :) I’m hoping the cleanse will help him feel more energized too. We’ve been working to solve his energy/sleep issues and I feel like reseting his diet is the first step.

First thing in the morning I took my measurements and weighed myself. I took some really awkward “not-sucking-it-in” pictures. And since I figure I should have some sort of record between day 1 and day 6, here’s my starting stats:

Day 1

  • Weight – starting weight. Honestly, my scale says one weight if I put it in one spot and another if I put it in another. I’m just memorizing the spot. I’ll record any changes in weight by end of week.
  • Inches – starting inches. I measured my waist, drop waist, and hips. I’ll record any changes in measurements on the morning of day 6.
  • Energy – About the usual. Not feeling super energized, but not totally crashing. I’m drinking green matcha tea, so that helps.
  • Mood – “Meh”… I’ve done diets and cleanses in the past. I know I can do it, but I struggle with the motivation.
  • Hunger – I’ll be honest, I’m a little hungry. Since I breastfeed I’ve gotten in the habit of eating whatever I want whenever I want, so I think I’m just used to eating all the time. Not necessarily the healthiest, but as any breastfeeding mama can tell you – the hunger is REAL! I’m more hungry breastfeeding than I was pregnant. (As a side note – since this reset is high-protein / low-carb and involves drinking plenty of water I’m not worried about my supply dipping.)
  • Biggest Challenge – remembering to drink enough water. Now that I’m counting my ounces I’m realizing I really haven’t been drinking as much water as I should be.
  • Favorite part of the reset – I made the best avocado-protein-spinach smoothie for dinner. I kid you not, it tasted like pudding and I ate it with a spoon. Hey, I’m down with pudding for dinner!

I’m looking forward to day 6 and really hopeful that my energy goes up and cravings go down. I keep telling myself “It’s only 5 days… You can do anything for 5 days.” Fingers crossed!


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