When Resolutions Don’t Go According to Plan

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When Resolutions Don't Go According to Plan

What can I say? This has been a rough start to the new year for us.

We started off the new year with some nasty cold bugs. Then both our dogs got sick (I don’t wish sick dogs on ANYONE…). Our “good” car broke down and suddenly we had to scramble to buy a new vehicle. Two weeks later our “bad” car broke down. My amazing husband had extra work commitments. My teething toddler decided to cut 6 teeth at once and needed his mama 24/7. My extended family had ups and downs that weighed on my heart. A friendship that I thought was stable suddenly felt rocky. Physically, financially, emotionally, January depleted us. And unexpectedly so. I felt blindsided.

Usually, December is the crazy month out of the year for our family. Usually, I look forward to January and am actually giddy about making my resolutions. My inner Hermione comes out and I get so excited. A fresh calendar! I can accomplish so many things this year. This is going to be my best year ever!

So I set out to show 2016 that I was the boss. Buuut January had other plans. And some of my resolutions look pretty laughable to me now. Continue reading “When Resolutions Don’t Go According to Plan”