5 Reasons Why We No Longer Take Our Cell Phones to Bed

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5 reasons we no longer take our cell phones to bed

It’s been a few weeks that our family has been trying this little adventure of no-more-cell-phones-in-the-bed. Let me give you a little background…

I have a love/hate relationship with my smart phone. As a work at home mom, I love it. I run most of my business from my cell phone. I can listen to webinars while pushing my kid in his stroller or message a client while sautéing onions or connect with my teammates on the fly. I also love that Atticus can FaceTime his PaPa in the middle of a long day (yes, we use “PaPa” instead of “Dada”… what can I say, my husband has a massive beard and “PaPa” just fits). And let’s be real, sometimes scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram is just the kind of 2-minute break I need. My phone is like a little magic window reminding me that there is life beyond my four walls. It’s a portal into other dimensions where there’s not smoothie art smeared on my cabinets or two loads of laundry piled on the couch or dirty dishes covering every inch of countertop… A place of world news, clever articles, artistic DIYs (some of which are actually doable!) and other living, breathing people who are interesting, potty-trained, and speak my language. Oh yes, I love my smart phone.

But I also hate it. Sometimes those 2-minute Insta-breaks turn into 20 minutes. Sometimes scrolling through newsfeeds becomes an autopilot type of habit that isn’t even enjoyable any more. Sometimes I catch myself and I think “Why am I doing this?” It’s like my thumb knows to keep swiping, even when there’s nothing worth reading. Too often I lay in bed, scrolling and swiping, and I spot my twice-renewed library books sitting on my dresser and I know I could have read them all by now. And I see my kid snoozing next to me… and I think “I don’t want him to remember me like this.” Continue reading “5 Reasons Why We No Longer Take Our Cell Phones to Bed”

5 Day Reset – Final Results

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5 day reset final results

(If you missed them, check out my previous blog posts in this series: 5 Day Reset – Day 1 and 5 Day Reset – Day 5.)

This morning I woke up and my first thought was “Yay! I can have coffee! And chocolate!” My second thought was “Huh…. I’m not even sure I want it?”

So what did I choose for breakfast?

Yep. A shake. Seriously, it’s all I wanted.

24 grams of non-GMO plant protein. Yum!
24 grams of non-GMO plant protein. Yum!

It was another rough night with the kid, but I hopped out of bed around 6:15/6:30 and felt completely energized and ready for the day. This is not normal for me. My kid was up multiple times last night. Usually I feel exhausted in the mornings, even when he sleeps well.

Before eating or drinking I took my final measurements, weighed myself and took a few more comparison photos.

*cue drumroll…* Continue reading “5 Day Reset – Final Results”

5 Day Reset – Day 5

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5 day reset day five

Wooh! It’s Day 5! I’m almost done! I’m feeling great. My friends who did this reset before me told me that by days 4 and 5 they had so much energy and felt amazing. You know when someone tells you that and you kind of secretly think “Reallly??? Are you sure your toddler didn’t just sleep really well the night before??” Well, it’s true. My toddler slept terribly last night (so mama slept terribly as well), but I feel super energized.

Without coffee. Without even having green tea today.

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5 Day Reset – Day 1

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Soooo, for my first “tiny adventure” I decided to do a 5 day reset. It’s like a cleanse, really. Raw plant protein, lots of water, lots of fruits and veggies. Part of me is thinking “You’re nuts. No chocolate. No cheese. No COFFEE.” (I mean, really, the no coffee thing was practically a deal-breaker… Like, who are you people who voluntarily give up coffee?? Do you have one year olds? Have you tasted coffee or experienced its liquid warmth on a cold autumn day? No? That’s too bad…) But, I realized that I need to do a reset. It’s not so much that I need to diet or shed any more baby weight, but my cravings have gotten a little out of control. I’ve been feeling a little sluggish and I’m a little too dependent on that java. I want to feel better. And since some of my friends have done this reset and swear by it, I figured why not? The time is right, folks. We’re post-Halloween candy, pre-Thanksgiving feast, and plenty far from sugar cookies and peppermint hot cocoas. Minimal temptations afoot, right?

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