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yoga at home

A while ago I posted about how our family has made some adjustments this year to improve our finances. One of those adjustments was canceling our gym membership. Eeeeek.

You guys, I’ve always liked going to the gym. Maybe because I grew up going to dance classes all the time. It just felt natural to go to a designated dance/workout location and focus all my energies on physical fitness for a couple hours, and then go home.

So when we made the decision to cancel our gym membership I was a little nervous. Granted, I hadn’t been using our gym membership much (having a toddler seems to cut back on free time… funny how that works), but I still was hesitant to cancel it. Paying for that membership every month was like a reminder to work out and make that gym payment worthwhile! Part of me felt like canceling the gym membership meant canceling physical fitness. 

Despite my hesitations, we went ahead and cancelled our membership and began brainstorming ways to keep physical fitness a priority. And I’m pleased to say that this adjustment has turned out way better than I anticipated!

Even though I prefer long, intensive workouts with no distractions, I’ve started to adopt the idea of squeezing in workouts whenever I can and however I can. Sometimes it’s a long walk with my kid in the stroller. Sometimes it’s 20 minutes of yoga during nap time. Sometimes it’s turning on 90s pop hits and super cleaning the kitchen (Jock Jams, anyone?).

And that’s ok.

I’ve been learning so much about adapting this year and I feel like that’s a powerful truth when it comes to working out. After all, working out is all about adapting. It’s about challenging my body in new ways and forcing it to stretch and grow stronger. It can be scary to adapt, but it can also be so beneficial.

Some ideas that have been helpful to our home workouts:

Making Use of Apps

It’s pretty cool what $5 can get you in the app store these days. Now don’t get me wrong, nothing replaces the value of a real life instructor who can provide coaching and personal assessment. But we’ve been super pleased with using phone apps to squeeze in mini workout sessions at home. Sworkit, Yoga Studio, and C25K are our current go-tos.

Relocating the Yoga Mat

I’ve tried storing my yoga mat in SO many places. The shoe bench. Under the bed. On the closet floor. On the closet shelf. I finally gave up trying to find the perfect storage solution and now I keep it folded under my couch. Because I do yoga next to my couch. Maybe this seems like a “duh!” notion, but it took me a while to figure out! I think simplifying the process of preparing to work out really helps to make workouts more frequent. Similarly, when I’m going running in the mornings – if I lay out my clothes and running shoes the night before I am much more likely to actually get up and run the next morning.

Focusing On Nutrition

What the experts say is true – physical fitness is a combination of both exercise and good nutrition.  As a family we try to eat healthy foods and we always take our daily supplements. There are no hard and fast rules in our house. It’s a balance. We may eat a lot of baby spinach, but we also enjoy cheese pizzas. 😉 When I’m trying to maximize my at-home workouts however, I notice I have much better results when I give my body the best fuel. By giving my body the right nutrition, I don’t have to work so dang hard to maintain my physical fitness. And anything that makes life easier is something that I’m down with!

So that’s an update on our family’s tiny adventure of working out at home! Where do you like to work out? :)

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