Apps I Use Every Day

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my favorite apps

Phone apps. There are so many, right? You name it, there’s an app for it.

Ready for a weird confession? I love looking at other people’s phones to see what apps they have. It’s like a tiny peak into their world. Now I get it – phones are sort of a private thing and I promise cross-my-heart I’m not snatching up people’s phones to nose around! But I find it fascinating when I catch a glimpse of people’s phone apps. How do they organize them? What apps are on the bottom menu bar?

Too nosy? :)

In fairness, here are the apps I am loving lately:

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Life Lately – April 2016 Edition

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toddler walking

How is it already April? How is it already past the middle of April? Life – you move too fast sometimes.

I’m so excited that warmer weather has hit our area. I didn’t realize how much I have missed the sunshine this winter (mental note: take more Vita-D3 next winter!!). One of the things our family loves to do is take walks together. The fresh air, conversation, and gentle exercise make my soul happy!

And isn’t there something about setting foot out the front door that feels like a little adventure? There’s something about it… It makes me feel young and free. And there’s that feeling of anticipation – I never know quite what will happen. What will we find on a walk? Will it rain? Will we meet someone? Continue reading “Life Lately – April 2016 Edition”