Medicine Cabinet in the Bedroom

medicine cabinet above dresser

I love medicine cabinets! Which is a bit ironic, because I don’t really love medicine. But those little cupboards… So perfect for stashing away little things! Maybe it’s because I live in a small house and every square inch of space is precious, but I kind of think all mirrors should have built in cabinets behind them.

A couple of years ago I decided to use a medicine cabinet in our master bedroom.

Since my bathroom is suuuuuper teensy and my husband and I are constantly elbowing each other when simulateneously trying to get ready in the morning, I knew I needed another space. (You can see just how tiny my bathroom sink space is here). So when we redid our master bedroom a couple years ago I started looking for creative ways to move my morning essentials out of the bathroom and into our bedroom. I didn’t have floor space for a vanity (our master bedroom is also super duper teensy), so my only option was to use the existing wall space and the small surface space of my dresser.

I found my “Ahah!” moment when I started looking at medicine cabinets! The Gunnern from Ikea was just what I needed. Slim, sleek, and it fit in with the minimalistic look that I was going for. As a bonus, the mirror door opens and swivels to any angle so I’m able to tilt it towards the window for the best natural light when I’m doing my makeup. Win!

medicine cabinet in bedroom

I paired down my skin, hair, and makeup products to what I regularly used and put my daily essentials on the shelves. Extra hair supplies (brushes, curling iron, bobby pins, etc…) and jewelry fit in one of the top drawers of my dresser and anything that required the use of a sink (toothbrush, face-wash, etc…) remained in the bathroom. I’ve adopted a pretty minimalistic approach when it comes to beauty products, so it wasn’t too hard to fit what I really needed into the medicine cabinet.

With the help of my awesome husband, I hung the medicine cabinet along with some artwork to create a little gallery wall above my bedroom dresser. Since the medicine cabinet I chose had a narrow width, the additional artwork helped it to feel more balanced above the width of my dresser. (As a side note: I’m pretty sure drilling holes in a wall is a good relationship test. There may or may not be a golf-ball sized hole in the wall behind my medicine cabinet. Sorry, babe! My bad!!)

medicine cabinet toiletries

I organized the medicine cabinet according to what I used most frequently. I put things I needed less often, such as a jewelry box with earrings I rarely wear, mending thread (can you tell I wear a lot of black?), and nail polish higher up.

medicine cabinet toiletries

I used the middle shelf for larger items. Instead of using all three adjustable shelves that came with the cabinet, I left one out (actually, you can see I just set it right on top of the upper shelf for easy storage) so that I had room for taller items. I put sunscreen, lotions, and taller upright items on this shelf.

medicine cabinet toiletries

On the bottom shelves I put my most used products, such as my morning and evening face lotions, eye cream, and makeup.

I’ve had this set-up for almost two years now and I can absolutely say that I still love it! It’s made our morning routine so much easier. It’s been great having my own space to get ready and I really feel like we maximized our bedroom wall space.

Can you think of any other ways to rethink medicine cabinets?

medicine cabinet above dresser

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