Tiny Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

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medicine cabinet gallery wall

A couple days ago I posted about how I used a medicine cabinet in my bedroom. I hung it along with some artwork to create a little gallery wall above my bedroom dresser and I love how it turned out! I thought I’d share more today about how I put together the gallery wall.

I had two purposes in mind when I created the gallery wall. I knew I wanted to hang the medicine cabinet above my dresser so that I could make use of my top dresser drawers and dresser surface for my morning skin, hair, and makeup routine. I also knew that I wanted to hang a beautiful print that my sister had gifted me, but I hadn’t yet hung. The size of these two pieces were great for hanging above my dresser, but they still needed some extra pieces to fill the space. Continue reading “Tiny Master Bedroom Gallery Wall”

Medicine Cabinet in the Bedroom

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medicine cabinet above dresser

I love medicine cabinets! Which is a bit ironic, because I don’t really love medicine. But those little cupboards… So perfect for stashing away little things! Maybe it’s because I live in a small house and every square inch of space is precious, but I kind of think all mirrors should have built in cabinets behind them.

A couple of years ago I decided to use a medicine cabinet in our master bedroom. Continue reading “Medicine Cabinet in the Bedroom”

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal

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chocolate peanut butter banana oatmeal

Chocolate + Peanut Butter + Bananas. I’m not sure much else needs to be said. This is one of my favorite combos!

In college I made a habit of making “Reese’s” oatmeal by stirring peanut butter and whatever form of chocolate I had on hand into oatmeal. This was my go-to sustenance during finals and I still crave it.

Over the past few years I’ve fallen in love with Oh She Glow’s Early Morning Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal recipe. Because there’s caramelized bananas in it. Oh yes! So this recipe is definitely inspired by Oh She Glow’s deliciousness. :) Continue reading “Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal”

Why I No Longer Shop at Vitamin Stores

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daily supplements

Once upon a time I shopped at the local vitamin store. It was spring semester during my junior or senior year of college and I felt like I should do something for my health. A cleanse or vitamins or something. And because I wanted to get my vitamins from a reputable place I went to a store that specialized in vitamin supplements. I figured this was probably better than going to the vitamin aisle of the grocery store.

The salesperson asked me questions about what I was looking for and sold me on some sort of cleansing system that involved prepackaged vitamins and powder to mix in my water. It was one of their best-selling products and kind of pricey. But I got a membership, so that saved me 10% or so and I walked out of the store feeling proud of myself for taking such proactive care of my health. Very adult of me.

And for a month or so I took those supplements regularly.

Did I experience a drastic change in health? Continue reading “Why I No Longer Shop at Vitamin Stores”