When Resolutions Don’t Go According to Plan

When Resolutions Don't Go According to Plan

What can I say? This has been a rough start to the new year for us.

We started off the new year with some nasty cold bugs. Then both our dogs got sick (I don’t wish sick dogs on ANYONE…). Our “good” car broke down and suddenly we had to scramble to buy a new vehicle. Two weeks later our “bad” car broke down. My amazing husband had extra work commitments. My teething toddler decided to cut 6 teeth at once and needed his mama 24/7. My extended family had ups and downs that weighed on my heart. A friendship that I thought was stable suddenly felt rocky. Physically, financially, emotionally, January depleted us. And unexpectedly so. I felt blindsided.

Usually, December is the crazy month out of the year for our family. Usually, I look forward to January and am actually giddy about making my resolutions. My inner Hermione comes out and I get so excited. A fresh calendar! I can accomplish so many things this year. This is going to be my best year ever!

So I set out to show 2016 that I was the boss. Buuut January had other plans. And some of my resolutions look pretty laughable to me now.

And so I’m faced with something that I know many people face. This big giant question of “What do I do now?” When resolutions don’t go according to plan, my typical reaction is to hide. To curl up on the couch, Netflix marathon a sci-fy and consume as much chocolate as I can get my hands on. This has gained me an appreciation for well-done alternate universe hypotheses and a taste for dark chocolate mousse, but not much else. The question remains – “What do I do now?”

So, for myself, I’m going to try to answer that question. Here are some of my 2016 resolutions that have not gone according to plan and here’s what I’m going to do about them:

  • Pay Off Debt – This is a big goal for our family. I even made a visual reminder of our debt that is hanging in our kitchen – paper chain links that represent our debt. Those chain links remind me every day of the financial chains that we are working towards breaking. The chains are also conveniently hung by the pantry to remind me that, you know, dark chocolate mousse isn’t truly a necessity. Originally, I mapped off a sweet timeline for paying off this debt. But, this goal has had to change. Our timeline for paying off our debts has extended. Car payments, vet bills, and unforeseen expenses have changed the amount we can put towards our debt pay off. So what am I going to do about it? Keep that paper chain reminder on the wall! Work hard. Make the best rice and bean dishes known to man and see just how much I can squeeze the budget to advance towards that goal.
  • Blog Consistently – I love writing. It’s an outlet for  me. Blogging didn’t happen in January, but I’m trying to find a balance between perfectionism and realism. Fear holds me back a lot and I often refrain from doing something if I don’t think I can do it well. And logically, I know that’s silly. Because if I never do something I won’t be able to learn how to do it well. It’s in the doing that I will improve. So I’m going to try to “do” more and “edit” less.
  • Create a Consistent Workout Routine – Well, we canceled our gym membership in January! It wasn’t a justifiable expense and we had to make some cuts. So I’m going to have to get creative with this one. I’m looking forward to sharing how we find ways to fit exercise into our family’s crazy schedule. I’m thinking free weights, yoga mat, finding a good running route, etc… If any of you have any tips or ideas, please share! :)

Our planned tiny adventures for 2016 took a few detours, but I think we are ready to get back on track. Here’s to a new year – no matter the start date!


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