5 Day Reset – Final Results

5 day reset final results

(If you missed them, check out my previous blog posts in this series: 5 Day Reset – Day 1 and 5 Day Reset – Day 5.)

This morning I woke up and my first thought was “Yay! I can have coffee! And chocolate!” My second thought was “Huh…. I’m not even sure I want it?”

So what did I choose for breakfast?

Yep. A shake. Seriously, it’s all I wanted.

24 grams of non-GMO plant protein. Yum!
24 grams of non-GMO plant protein. Yum!

It was another rough night with the kid, but I hopped out of bed around 6:15/6:30 and felt completely energized and ready for the day. This is not normal for me. My kid was up multiple times last night. Usually I feel exhausted in the mornings, even when he sleeps well.

Before eating or drinking I took my final measurements, weighed myself and took a few more comparison photos.

*cue drumroll…*

  • Weight – 2.2 lbs lost. I wasn’t even trying to lose any weight, but this was a pleasant surprise!
  • Inches – I’m super stoked about the inches lost! I’m already on the slim side, so I knew this number wouldn’t be drastic since my body didn’t have a lot to loose. But I can tell there is a definite difference in the size of my stomach. (Note: I’m including a before/after photo at the bottom of this post. Bare tummy so you can see my super awesome, rockin’ abs stomach. If pasty-skinned mom bellies aren’t your thing, consider this your fair warning…)
    • waist: -1.5 inches
    • drop waist: -1.5 inches
    • hips: -1.25 inches
  • Energy – AMAZING. For real! I feel so much more energy than before. I would do the 5 Day Reset again, if only for the energy.
  • Mood – Positive outlook. I feel very namaste, but also focused and happy.
  • Hunger – I had a truffle cookie this morning because I could. I ate it and thought “Well that wasn’t even that good. Huh.” My appetite has changed, I don’t feel super hungry, and I actually am craving most of the foods I ate on the reset.
  • Biggest Challenge – Broken blender, treats offered to me when I couldn’t eat them, remembering to drink enough water, cranky toddler, misbehaving dog… Every day had unique challenges! One thing that this reset reminded me of is the fact that I am capable. I have willpower. I can do things if I set my mind to it.
  • Favorite part of the reset – How simple it really was. The shakes I ate are truly delicious, and there was a lot of room for creativity and personal taste preference (seriously, I had so many shake combinations: chocolate/PB/banana, pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate strawberry, vanilla/spinach/tropical fruit…) My husband’s favorite part of the reset was his boost in energy and his ability to sleep better at night. He has had sleep issues for a while, so I’m so excited for this change in his sleep patterns! Usually he is up late because he isn’t tired, doesn’t sleep well, tosses and turns all night, and wakes up completely exhausted. To know that he is getting better rest and feeling more energized during the day makes me happy! I’m super glad he did the reset with me.

My final thoughts on the reset? I’m so glad I did it. My husband and I decided we will totally do this again – maybe several times a year. At the very least, we will continue to follow the reset guidelines for 1 meal a day and are inspired to incorporate more healthy choices into our diets.

For those that are curious to know what exactly I consumed during the 5 Day Reset, here’s a brief overview:

  • Lots of water throughout the day, preferably with fresh cut lemons
  • Supplements containing all essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3s, and probiotics
  • Non-GMO plant protein meal shakes for most meals
  • Pre-approved snacks high in protein and fresh veggies
  • None of the following:
    • caffeine (other than matcha green tea)
    • alcohol
    • lactose
    • gluten
    • added sugars
    • artificial flavors/sweeteners/colors

Curious to learn more about the 5 Day Reset? Send me an email at shenafowler AT rootandfeather.com. I would love to help you get started on your own reset!

As promised, here are my before/after photos. I was purposefully not “sucking in” or engaging my abs. I definitely can see and feel a difference in the size and definition of my stomach!

2 thoughts on “5 Day Reset – Final Results”

  1. Wow! Good for you! Any way I can do this cleanse but keep my daily pot of coffee? I totally need to kick my sugar habit. The leftover hollowed candy is my nemesis!!!!

    1. Jess I thought for sure I would have crazy caffeine withdrawals, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I used green tea and some energy chews during the first couple days to ease myself off my regular caffeine levels. Honestly felt more energy after this reset than after my normal coffee intake… And I love coffee…

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